Is renting a house in Japan really cheaper than renting a studio apartment?

By Tom Leighton The Economist • October 13, 2018 12:30:30 amI’ve been in Japan for more than a year now, and I’ve recently taken a look at what the average rent is in a number of cities.It’s always a shock […]

The rent house of Norway: The new owner of the Norwegian rent house

Norway’s rent house is being renovated.It was bought in the middle of last year, by a Swedish company, Kontakt.Kontakts ownership of the house has been under scrutiny since the beginning.At the time, it was not clear whether Konta had purchased […]

What to consider when looking for a new home in the Nordic region

Posted February 11, 2018 02:20:33The Scandinavian country of Sweden is known for having some of the lowest property values in the world.The country has a total of around 10 million people living in some of its major cities, such as […]