The best cities for rent in Sweden

What are the top cities for renting?

It depends.

In a country of more than a million people, it’s difficult to know the precise number of people who rent.

And when it comes to housing, it could be even more challenging.

That’s because of the country’s strict rental laws, which are meant to protect people’s homes and make them attractive for those who want to live.

But the government doesn’t keep a detailed record of who lives in the country.

Here are the 10 most expensive cities in Sweden.


Kansala, Sweden The cost of renting a place in Sweden is around 2,000 kronor (about $22) per month.

This is a substantial amount of money, especially if you’re renting a flat in Kansalas apartment complex, known as K-B-M, which was built in 1960.

The rent is often far higher than the amount you’d have to pay to live in an apartment in Stockholm.

However, the K-M apartments are also popular with people who want a more spacious living space.

K-Man and K-F apartments have about 800 beds and are situated in K-C, K-N, Ks, Kd, Kv, Kl, and Kl-K areas.

Most of these are in Ks and Kv neighborhoods, which also house luxury condominiums and bars.

Most apartments in K Mansalas are priced between 1,200 and 2,500 kronors ($260 to $340).


Stockholm, Sweden A total of 13,000 households rent their own place in Stockholm, which is a relatively high number.

This comes despite the fact that in 2012, Sweden experienced its highest number of violent crimes, with nearly 200 people killed.

The city’s violent crime rate is also high: there were more than 2,200 murders in 2016.

Despite this, it still ranks as Sweden’s safest city.


Lulea, Finland A total average of 4,600 people rent their place in Luleas, Finland.

This makes Luleis the most expensive city in Finland, with a median rent of 2,400 kron.

In addition, many apartment complexes have high rents, making it difficult for some people to get a place to live here.

Lluhärvi is Sweden’s most expensive neighborhood.

Länni, a large apartment complex that includes apartments in the Lulei area, has an average rent of 3,400kron ($430).


Stockholm and Stockholm district, Sweden While the average rent for Stockholm is slightly more than the national average, the city has an even higher rent than the country average.

In the Stockholm district in the southern suburbs, which covers all of Stockholm, the average monthly rent is 6,800 kron ($1,180), and in the central Stockholm district there is a high median rent at 8,500kron, or around $1,100 per month, for a typical apartment.


Höfstadt, Sweden Although the median rent for a Swedish apartment in Höfsås, the largest of Stockholm’s central districts, is 645kron (about £500), the average rental price is around 8,000kron.

The average price for a Stockholm apartment is about 7,600 kron, but that’s much higher than in the rest of the city.

In Stockholm’s Stockholm district is a large area, where the median monthly rent for apartments is 675 kron or around £300.


Stockholm suburbs, Sweden Despite the fact the median rents in Stockholm are lower than the average, it is still a very expensive place to rent a place.

The median rent in Stockholm is around 1,600kron (~$270) per monthly month, which means the average household income is around $4,000 per month in Stockholm alone.

This means that a single person in Stockholm with two jobs would have to earn more than $20,000 in order to afford the median price of an apartment.


Stockholm area, Sweden In Stockholm area you can rent a room in a one-bedroom apartment for less than 1,400 Kron ($400).

If you’re looking for a room with two beds in a two-bedroom unit, you would have an average monthly income of around $600 per month (about 1,300 Kron).

A room with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a shared bathroom would cost about 1,500 Kron ($370), a room that has a bathroom would be about $300 per month ($700), and a room which has a kitchen, shower, and an additional room for entertainment and laundry would be $500 per month (~$800).


Stockholm district In Stockholm district you can find apartments with a rent that is less than half of the average for a new home in Sweden, according to a survey of 1,000 Swedes by Investigate. If you