Stephenville rents for first time since 2011

A new listing for a property in Stephensville, Tenn., has sparked a flurry of interest online and on social media.

The listing, posted on Craigslist, describes the property as “renting for first” in the neighborhood and states that the “home will be on the market for $1,000 per month.”

The house has a large yard and is well-kept, with a big yard, a front porch, and a large front yard and patio.

The house is surrounded by a gated fence and has a lot of windows.

It also has an exterior pool.

The house is listed as being in the town of Stephensville.

There are no listed units available for rent, and the listing does not specify an average monthly payment.

Stephensville has been a city of about 4,400 people since 2009.

A new house could be a catalyst for some residents in the area to move out, the listing says.

A spokeswoman for Stephensville Mayor Matt Johnson confirmed to CBC News that the property was being listed.

She did not respond to an email requesting further information about the listing.

In the meantime, the Stephensville Rent Houses Facebook page has received more than 30 posts since the listing was posted on the site.

Many of the posts, posted over the past week, have included photos of the property, the new listing, and other details about the property.

Many people on the page have shared their feelings about the new home, with many describing the house as “beautiful.”

One commenter posted that the new house is “beautifully done,” adding that it would be “nice to have something to look at while driving around town.”

The owner of the house did not immediately respond to a request for comment.