How to rent a London house for €10,000 a month?

A rental home in the capital can be worth as much as €10.8m, according to figures published by Rentland.

The figures are based on an average monthly rent of €8,000 in London, which is equivalent to an annual salary of £8,800.

Rentland says it has been able to use the data because of the government’s new guidelines on renting, which make it easier for people to rent their own property.

The guidelines are set to come into force next year, but until then landlords have until April 30 to get their property registered.

However, it is unclear if this will include any of the properties that are already registered in London.

The latest Rentland figures show that the average monthly income of a renter in London is €834.55, which means that the median house rent is just over €1,300 a month.

In Berlin, the average rent is €1.15m a month, which puts the average home price at €3.2m, or about £1.8 million.

In Athens, the median rent is slightly higher at €1m a year, while in Lisbon it is €2.4m.

The average monthly wage of a house renter is around €3,000, which would put the average salary of a person working in London at just over £21,000.