How to rent a house in the Netherlands

A house for rent in Amsterdam.

The property for sale.

It’s a simple, yet effective strategy that has helped hundreds of people rent out their homes.

But it doesn’t come without a price.

This is a story of how it’s done.

And a little about what you’ll need to know about the process.

What you’ll find in this story: The process of renting out a house or apartment online In this first part, we’ll talk about how to get started.

But if you’re looking to rent out a property, the real key is to know how to find an experienced agent.

It might not be easy, but once you know how, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best deal possible.

To do this, you’ll want to know the following: How long has the property been rented out?

The property is owned by a family, a business or a business association.

What kind of properties are being rented?

Most rental properties have a lot of rooms, some have a few bedrooms, some are split between multiple tenants.

You can also find apartments with a large amount of rooms and small apartments with very few.

Are there any special rules or conditions that you need to meet?

There are a lot to learn about the rental laws in the European Union, and you can also check if there are specific conditions for renting out properties.

There are laws in place that govern how the property is used, such as how much rent is paid to each tenant.

Do I need to have a deposit?


You must have at least €250,000 in cash on hand to rent the property.

You will need to pay a security deposit of at least 20 per cent of the amount of rent paid to the tenant.

Is there a deposit guarantee?

Yes, there is a guarantee that the tenant will get the rent.

But the guarantor has to be the landlord.

What if I need help?

The easiest way to rent an apartment in Amsterdam is to look for a local agent, who can rent out the property to people who are interested in renting it out.

In the Netherlands, there are a number of local agents.

In fact, they can be used to find a property for rent that is perfect for you.

For more information about how you can find an agent in Amsterdam, you should contact an agent.

What to expect when you arrive at the property office?

There is no specific way to arrive at an agent’s office.

However, it’s very helpful to have some kind of ID and to know that you’re entering the building.

You may also need to bring your passport and/or other documents to the office.

Do you have to pay?

Yes and no.

You do not need to ask for a deposit, but you do need to make a deposit.

In addition, it is very important to make sure that the deposit is in Dutch bank account, as most agents don’t know how or when to send the deposit.

The deposit is the only payment you will need if you do not pay within 14 days.

What happens if you don’t pay?

You will not be able to rent for the next 30 days.

The next tenant who signs up will need a deposit for the remainder of the lease.

When does the landlord have to send me the deposit?

The landlord will usually ask you for a letter within 14 to 18 days of the deposit, unless they are waiting for the deposit to be paid.

If the deposit has not been received by the time the rent is due, the landlord will have to refund the deposit within 14 business days.

Do the rules apply to me if I live in Amsterdam?

It’s very common that landlords and agents rent out apartments in Amsterdam during winter months, or in other hot cities.


it is possible to rent your own home, in some cases even without a deposit or guarantor.

This can be done if you are a long-term tenant who lives in Amsterdam and you have a good reputation in the neighbourhood.

There is a small fee for this.

If you are looking for a property in the summer, you might be able for a rental agreement that covers all the rent during the summer months.

For example, if you live in the Amsterdam district of Wijdan, you may be able rent an 8-bedroom house for €1,000 a month.

If your landlord rents out a large house during the winter months (such as during the holidays), the rent will be less than the lease rent.

If a tenant is paying for the whole of the rent, they will have an obligation to give the landlord a deposit in the spring.

Do they have to give me a deposit if I don’t have a Dutch address?

The law in the country of Amsterdam has changed over the years.

Before this, there was a requirement for landlords and the agents to provide an ID for each tenant and a guarantor who was an actual resident of the property