Which cities rent the most expensive houses?

India is one of the top countries in terms of the rent-to-buy market, with the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore topping the list, according to data compiled by the Rental Housing Society of India.

The data was compiled by a local group.

The average price of a house in Delhi is Rs 1.5 crore, while in Mumbai it is Rs 2.5 lakh.

In Bangalore, it is just Rs 1 crore.

According to the RHSI, the median price for a home in the capital is around Rs 2 crore.

Rental prices are increasing at a faster rate in urban areas, with rent prices up to 25 per cent higher in Delhi, the capital of Maharashtra state.

The increase in rental prices in Mumbai, which is a city-state of Tamil Nadu, was even more dramatic.

According to data from the RHTI, Mumbai has been among the top 10 cities in terms, with average rents of around Rs 1 lakh a month.

The capital city has a median rent of Rs 1,800 a month, which makes it the most affordable place to live in the country.