When a $600,000 apartment goes on the market for $1,000,000 in cash

In a world where the average house price in the U.S. is about $3.6 million, it’s often hard to find someone who can pay the price.

But when you’re ready to sell, it might be the best decision of your life.

The Washington post reports on a young couple in Brooklyn who got into a property dispute that led to the eviction of a couple in their own home.

Here are the details from the article: When Sarah and David Zwirner, both 24, and their three young children moved into the home they bought for $600 million, the couple realized that they weren’t prepared to pay the $1.4 million mortgage that the bank required them to pay, even though they’d paid the mortgage off multiple times.

So they decided to rent out the home to people.

The Zwirs were surprised to find that someone would pay $1 million for the property.

It was not their first time renting out a home, but this was the first time they had paid for it out of pocket.

They figured the money would come out of the mortgage after a few years, but the family was surprised to learn that they were going to be renting out the place for a while.

And then Sarah got pregnant, and the Zwiers decided to take the risk and rent out their place.

But Sarah did not pay rent for the first month, and she was worried about how she was going to pay for her baby’s college tuition.

After a month, the Zwiches had to move out.

They took their son to an area community college, where they found a rental apartment, but they couldn’t find a place to live.

They also had to work part-time because they couldn, and then Sarah had to find a job.

They couldn’t afford to pay rent and their son had to take out loans to get by.

After five months, Sarah had enough to pay her mortgage, but she still needed to work.

She said she needed to find somewhere to live, and so she and David decided to lease the place out.

The next month, they went through the paperwork, and they learned that they had to pay $700 a month for rent and utilities and the utilities were going down.

They had to make up the difference when they took out a $900,000 mortgage payment on their home.

Sarah had paid off the $600k mortgage in the past, and when they decided they needed to rent the property out, she took out the new money and put it in savings.

The money came out of savings, but Sarah said it wasn’t enough.

She decided to sell the place and then rent it out.

After the Zwerls got a look at their new home, they wanted to sell it to somebody who could pay for it.

They contacted a broker and arranged to rent a place for them, but when they got to the door, the broker said that no one was available.

They called the bank and learned that it wasn.

The couple had to rent it to someone who could afford it, and Sarah and her partner decided to go through with the eviction.

Sarah said that the eviction had no financial impact on them financially because they could rent the place again.

They are now living in the apartment and still paying rent, and David is taking out loans on his own.

The story was originally published by The Washington Times.