‘Sweden Rent House’ – A Tale of Two Rent Houses

The Swedish rent house that is home to Swedish artist, actor and film producer Anna-Lena Käänne has been closed by the landlord due to a “catastrophic outbreak” of a virus that has killed six people in the city, according to the Daily Mail.

The newspaper says the owners of the house have been unable to pay rent for months.

The building has been used by the film and TV producer since 2015.

Känene’s husband and son have lived there for five years and have had to move out.

She has worked on several film projects including “Dusk”, “The Lady Bird of Edinburgh”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “The House with a Clock in Its Walls”.

Kände had planned to build a new home for her husband in Stockholm but the house was turned into a “ghost house” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s the most devastating event that I’ve ever been through.

This is what happens when the health system is shut down.

This has destroyed our lives,” Känte told the newspaper.

The Swedish city of Gothenburg, home to the largest Swedish-language media market, is home the country’s biggest media industry, with a total of 24,000 journalists, broadcasters and TV networks, including SVT and the public broadcaster.

It’s also the countrys largest tourist destination, with more than one million people visiting it every year.

Käntes husband, Henrik Lund, told the tabloid that he had been living in the house for two years when he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

“It’s difficult, but we’re living with the fear that the next day will be the day I die,” he said.