‘Rent is the most expensive thing you can pay for’: Report

India’s rent is “the most expensive” category of things to pay for, a survey has found.

“Rent prices are the most important category of cost of living, and are likely to be higher than those of other categories such as food and clothing,” the survey said.

The Times has not confirmed the study’s findings, but the government’s Housing and Urban Poverty Survey (HUP), released on Wednesday, showed that the median price of a house in India is $1.26 million.

The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the capital is $2.5 million, the study said.

In cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, it was also more expensive to rent a house than a room.

The survey found that a majority of people, 77%, would rather pay the median rent of Rs. 5,800 a month (US$400) for a two-bedroom flat, compared with 72% for a three-bedroom home, and 63% for an apartment.

The government is planning to give out free flats to people with a low income.