How to get the best rent deal in the UK

A new guide to getting the best deal on rent in the country has been launched by the Government.

The Property Council, which is working with the Government on rent and housing, said the Rent Council’s guide was designed to help renters in England and Wales with their rent decisions.

It said the Government had not yet responded to the new guidance but welcomed it.

“The Rent Council has been working closely with the government on this important new guide, which it hopes will be an effective guide for all landlords, particularly those with a growing property portfolio,” it said.

“There are clear and compelling benefits to renters to ensure they can enjoy a safe, secure and secure tenancy.”

What you need to know about rents and housingIn Australia, rent is set at about $2,100 a week and is set to increase by 2 per cent a year to $2.50 by 2022.

In Britain, rent has increased by around 7 per cent over the past year, but the government said the average price of a property is still below the national average.

But there has been a huge drop in the number of people renting.

Last year there were about 1.2 million people renting and about 3.4 million of those people were renting for longer than 30 days.

In Britain more than one in three households lived in a rental unit, according to the Government, but this number has declined by more than half since 2014.

Rent in the United Kingdom is set by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, but it is often called the Mortgage Council.

In the UK the council is responsible for providing information to landlords and tenants about their property rights.

The council also makes housing assessments, makes mortgage offers and manages the costs of buying a property.

The Rent Councillors report said the council’s approach was effective because it focused on “quality of life” rather than rent payments.

It added: “While there are some important differences between a property rental and a home lease, the key difference is that a landlord has to consider the whole rental experience and the housing needs of the tenant.”

The Government’s housing and homelessness adviser said the guide aimed to give renters the information they needed to make a decision about their housing situation.

“While the Government has not yet published its guidance, it is likely that it will include key elements in the guide, including: the current market rent; the average rent; and the rent rate for a range of different types of housing in the local area,” the report said.

“It will also provide information on the cost of buying and renting a property.”

It will be published on the Rent Council website.

The report said a large proportion of landlords were finding it difficult to find landlords willing to accept the new guide.

“Many landlords will not accept it and many landlords may not know it exists,” the document said.

The Government said it hoped the guide would help landlords, especially those in a long-term rental portfolio, to make the best decisions.

“We are looking at all areas of housing and rental markets and are committed to helping landlords make the right decisions,” a spokesperson said.