What you need to know about house rent in Amsterdam

From rent to utilities, from kitchen sink to bathroom sink, this guide to renting in the Dutch capital can give you a better understanding of where and how much you will pay.

Read more 1/3 of the world’s richest countries live in Europe The richest countries on earth have a staggering number of people who own their own homes, according to a new report.

The top five countries by number of millionaires are: 1.

United States 2.

China 3.

Germany 4.

France 5.

India 6.

Russia 7.

Australia 8.

Switzerland 9.

Canada 10.


Source: Oxfam/AP 2/3 The UK is the richest country on earth, with a whopping $11.2 trillion in wealth The United Kingdom, the richest nation on earth according to Oxfam, is the most unequal in the world according to the 2017 Global Status Report, with people on the bottom of the economic ladder earning a little more than their wealthier peers.

The report said: “There are many reasons why the UK is so unequal, but the biggest is the way that wealth and income are distributed.

Wealthy households, especially those in the top 1 per cent, have a huge amount of wealth relative to the rest of the population.

This means that the wealth they own is more concentrated in the hands of a small minority of households, and the rest are left worse off.”

The report also revealed that the UK has the sixth highest per capita GDP in the developed world, at $11,058.

It is followed by Sweden with $10,097, Norway with $9,959, Denmark with $8,946, the Netherlands with $7,566 and Finland with $6,821.

The US has the second highest per head GDP at $40,929, followed by Japan with $35,979, Germany with $34,846, Canada with $33,739 and France with $30,632.

The bottom 10 per cent of the global population have an average of $4,717 in wealth per head.

The United States ranks as the 13th most unequal country in the report with the top 10 most unequal countries having a median net worth of $32,814.

In the US, the median net wealth is $17,067 per head of US population.

Source / Reuters 3/3 Britain is one of the richest countries in the EU The UK has one of Europe’s richest economies, and one of its poorest, according the report.

According to the World Economic Forum’s World Wealth Report 2017, the UK was the third richest economy in the European Union in 2016, with the third most rich and poorest countries.

The UK’s total GDP was $31,858, up by 12 per cent on the previous year, while the bottom 50 per cent have an annual GDP of $3,724.

The lowest 50 per one per cent had an annual economic output of $1,637 in 2016.

In 2016, the bottom fifth of the income distribution in the UK had an average net worth (adjusted for inflation) of just $3.24 per person, compared to $20.37 in the US.

The richest fifth had an adjusted income of $25,923.

The poorest fifth had $3 in adjusted wealth, and people living in the bottom half had $1.19 in adjusted income.

In addition, the lowest income quintile had an income of just over $9.

Source/Reuters 4/3 India’s economy is in shambles According to Oxfam, the world is in the midst of an economic “shock”.

In the last year, India’s economic growth has been reduced by an astounding 60 per cent compared to 2015, as the country has struggled to rebuild its infrastructure following a massive earthquake and flood in 2015.

This is partly due to a lack of new investment in infrastructure, but also a chronic lack of people and resources, according Oxfam.

India has been the poorest in the last decade and has experienced one of worst droughts in its history.

In January 2017, India had the sixth lowest rate of population growth in the Asia-Pacific region, at just 1.3 per cent.

Oxfam said this was down to the “unrelenting impact of the government’s failure to invest in social and health infrastructure, poor housing stock and an increasingly fragmented labour market.”

India has also suffered from a massive slowdown in manufacturing, which has led to a drop in the value of the rupee, and an increase in the cost of importing basic commodities.

India’s manufacturing output has dropped by 45 per cent since the global financial crisis, Oxfam added.

In 2020, India was projected to grow by 5 per cent while in 2021, it is projected to shrink by a staggering 65 per cent Source: Reuters 5/3 Germany is one the richest in the western world Germany has been in the middle of the