What it means to rent a property with a low-rent housing unit

It’s not just a case of paying more for the same housing, it’s also a case where there’s less of a need to live in a low rent unit.

This is because of a new law passed in the state of Missouri.

The legislation requires that if you have a property in the city of Moline that is less than 60 percent of the median income, the property owner has to pay at least a 10 percent rent increase.

In other words, a $1,000 property that costs $1 per month is required to pay $1.50 more in rent.

The law also requires the owner of a property to maintain the property for the duration of its lease.

If a tenant doesn’t have a lease or if the tenant doesn´t pay rent, the tenant will lose the rental unit.

The new law is a major win for renters.

According to the Associated Press, the law was passed in December.

A study from the University of Missouri says that the new law has helped increase the number of tenants who can afford to live within walking distance of their property, making it easier for landlords to stay in business.

It also means that landlords who don´t want to pay more rent are not forced to do so, which is a big win for those who live in low-income housing.

The AP says that landlords are now required to provide proof of income and that they are now allowed to choose their own renters.

A spokesperson for the Missouri Housing Finance Authority told Recode the state is working on a similar bill.

“Our goal is to bring Missouri housing to its full potential,” spokesperson Michelle Noland told Recoode.

“That means keeping property values in check and building up affordable housing.”