US renters’ housing market ‘is a mess’

More stories from Norway:Norway is a country of high-density urban sprawl, where people live in big, suburban-sized houses.

Many Norwegian homes are located in the suburbs, and their density is a major concern for renters.

A new report by The Rental Housing Alliance of Norway and the Norwegian Federation of Home Owners found that Norwegian housing stock was at its lowest level since 2000.

In the last decade, the housing market has been severely affected by global financial crisis.

That crisis has caused a sharp drop in the price of homes in Norway, and rents are now at their lowest level in at least 20 years.

Nordic Homeowners Association president Thorbjørn Stjørner told the local media, “We are in a situation that is unprecedented in Norwegian history.

It is a crisis situation.

Our rental market is a mess.

We are living in a bubble.”

Stjøreber also said that Norwegian homeowners were struggling to find a solution to the shortage of rental housing.

“The real problem is not the problem itself but the housing itself,” he said.

“We have had some really tough times recently, but this is the third straight year that we have had a shortage.

This is a serious problem.”