Sweden rent house: ‘We can’t keep up with our bills’

Four houses in Sweden were rent-free on Monday, with the government offering the first subsidy of 2,000 crowns a month to tenants as it tries to tackle the country’s housing crisis.

Renting a house in Sweden for three months at a rent of 2.5 million crowns ($5.6 million) was offered as a reward for the countrys first-ever rent-to-rent scheme.

More than two million households across the country were struggling to afford rent in the second half of last year, according to a new report by the Swedish Federation of Social Services (Fossa).

Rent-to: The number of people living in social housing in Sweden, according in 2015.

Source: Reuters / File: ReutersPhoto: RTA via REUTERSThe rent-repayment scheme is part of the country s first rent-initiative since a national housing scheme was introduced in December last year.

The government said the scheme would help households “save money, save time, and save the planet”.

“The aim is to give more households a chance to find affordable housing and the rent-assistance is an important part of this,” a government spokesperson said.

The housing ministry said about 1,800 people were currently living in rented accommodation, of which about 1.5 percent were under 18.