Renters and landlords battle over home and car insurance coverage

Tenants are having to pay more for housing insurance coverage when it comes to the repairs and repairs they want to make to their homes and cars.

Many are forced to pay the higher rates they would otherwise pay for their own insurance.

In a move to make sure they are covered, renters in Vancouver have been complaining to the city that they are being charged more than they need to pay for insurance.

“I think the city’s not paying its fair share,” said Linda Storch.

She and her husband, Bruce, were living in an affordable housing unit on the edge of downtown Vancouver when they purchased their home in 2018.

Bruce Storche said the city is not paying for his home insurance.

The couple bought their house in 2016, when the vacancy rate was at just under 10 per cent, but since then they have been told by the city to pay about $500 a month for insurance, which they say is too high.

“It’s very frustrating,” Bruce Storrch said.

“We’re just really upset.”

The Storches are part of a new class of renters in the city.

They are now eligible for a different type of rental agreement called a lease.

“In a lease, you get to pay a fixed monthly amount,” said Jennifer Storchuk, a spokesperson for the city of Vancouver.

“The city is paying the premiums for the insurance.”

Jennifer Storrchuk, of the City of Vancouver, says it’s too expensive for the average Vancouver renter.

“It’s really high for a typical person, and they need the coverage,” she said.

She said it’s not uncommon for renters in that situation to end up paying $1,000 a month more for their housing insurance than they were supposed to.

“I think it’s just a little too much,” she added.

“You’ve got to think about your own situation.”

A spokesperson for City of Toronto, Councillor Lisa Helps, said she would be in touch with the renters to see what they’re doing.

“Renters are entitled to their housing and we are aware of the issue, but at this point we are not paying the rent,” she wrote in an email to CBC News.

“A renter may be unable to afford their housing, and may find themselves unable to get coverage at the time they need it.”

Councillors from the city and city council will be meeting on Friday to discuss the issue.

The issue comes as city officials in Victoria are pushing the province to create a new insurance program for the rental sector.

The province’s rent insurance program is funded by a levy on landlords, which is passed on to tenants through the rental market.

According to the province, renters are covered up to $1 million if they have two rental units and $750,000 if they are renting from one person.

The rent insurance is designed to cover repairs and maintenance, but it’s unclear how much is actually covered.