Norway rents out home to rich woman’s husband

Norway rents a home to a rich woman whose husband, a Norwegian diplomat, had fled to Hong Kong.

The house, in the city of Innsbruck, was built in 1999, and the couple have a housekeeper, a maid, a gardener, a barber, a hairstylist and an electrician.

The wife’s husband, also a diplomat, has been in Hong Kong since 2000.

The Norwegian government says it will donate the home to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a “special occasion.”

The Norwegian Embassy in Hong, where the home is located, said the embassy is “monitoring the situation.”

The embassy said it would provide information to the couple’s family when it becomes available.

The U.S. Embassy in Oslo said the couple “are a family who has been together for over 30 years, and we are deeply grateful to them for their contribution to the country.”

The couple has not commented.