How to rent a house in metro Atlanta

RENT HOUSES FOR A MONTH, AND EVERYONE IS LOSING OUT, says one of the most popular rental sites on the Internet.

The rental marketplace site rents out homes for $4,000 a month in Atlanta.

“There’s no doubt that Atlanta is a great place to live.

But you know what else is a good place to do business?” says the site’s creator, Stephen Hamilton.

“If you want to do your marketing and sales, it’s really hard to find good apartments and rentals.”

The site’s listing for the 2,000-square-foot home in the northwest part of Atlanta says it’s currently being rented for $3,000 per month.

But Hamilton says that average price for a single-family home in Atlanta is now $8,500.

That means many renters are now paying $5,000 more for a house than they would if they rented it outright.

Renting a house that you’re not going to live in for the year isn’t a good idea, Hamilton says.

“It’s like saying you can’t afford to buy a house.”

Hamilton says he’s working with the Atlanta Land Bank to get a “buy-back” for properties that are no longer available.

It’s a move that he hopes will help those who are struggling with paying rent in Atlanta and around the country.

The Land Bank, a federally-funded agency, is trying to get the word out that properties aren’t as affordable as advertised, and to get homeowners to sign up for a program that will help them get their mortgage payment down.

Hamilton says they are also working with other cities around the U.S. to try to help those struggling with housing costs.

“I think that people need to understand that a lot of these folks are just like me,” he says.

Hamilton estimates that in the Atlanta metro area, there are now about 6,700 properties that need to be rented out for a year, or about 10 percent of all homes in the city.

He says that’s down from about 50,000 at the same point in 2013.

Hamilton and his company have also been working with some landlords to help them reduce their monthly payments.

But there’s a catch.

The site will charge you $500 for each month you pay rent.

That’s an extra charge Hamilton says is “disappointing.”

Hamilton estimates it costs $4 a month to keep the site up and running.

He’s not willing to pay more than $5 a month for a home that is no longer on the market.

“We’ve found, through our research, that there’s no real correlation between how much you’re going to pay for the house versus how much it costs to rent it out,” he said.

“And we think that we can work with the landlords to make sure that they are willing to negotiate lower rent for their property.”

Renting out a home means that you pay no mortgage or other taxes, but Hamilton says you will be responsible for maintenance, utilities, and repairs.

But it’s a big investment.

For example, the site says that a typical home in metro Georgia costs $1.4 million.

But if Hamilton had a $500 monthly mortgage, he says that would be about $6,000.

He adds that if he had a mortgage of $3.8 million, the monthly mortgage would be $1,500 a month.

Renters can only keep a home for a certain number of years, and Hamilton says some of the homes are going to have problems with leaks or other problems that can’t be fixed.

Hamilton has built a website called “Atlanta Rent Renters” that lets renters find homes for rent and offers a tool that lets you compare the current market price of the home you’re looking to rent against the market price at the time.

Hamilton also created a tool called “The Atlanta Rent Calculator,” which lets you find out how much rent you will pay in each city you’re searching.

“But for the most part, it takes a couple of days to actually get a rent check from someone,” Hamilton says, “and that’s what’s frustrating to me.”

Hamilton said he was recently contacted by the Atlanta Housing Authority, which is helping him with his website.

“They told me they would be able to help us with the site if we could just give them a few more dollars,” Hamilton said.

The Atlanta Housing Agency has been working on a pilot program to help people rent out homes, and the agency says it has reached out to Hamilton to help him with the new website.

In addition to Hamilton, the Atlanta Renters website also includes listings from and a list of Atlanta landlords.

Hamilton said that he is looking for help getting his website listed on the National Association of Realtors, and for more information on the Land Bank’s efforts to help the local economy.

“People need to realize that Atlanta really is a