The rent house

A rental house in Sweden is going up for sale.

According to the Stockholm Stock Exchange, the property is on the market for about 1,000,000 Swedish kronor ($1,100).

The listing comes a day after the Swedish government approved a controversial new rent cap, which has already sparked outrage among the country’s renters.

The Stockholm Stock Market is not the only place that is selling off Swedish properties.

Many other cities and states are selling off property in the wake of the new law, which will make it harder for people to buy or rent a property.

The Swedish government has not said whether or not it intends to change the law.

The new law comes as a result of a long-running housing crisis in the country.

A record-high number of people have been renting out their homes to families, many of whom have children.

The number of households renting out apartments is more than 50 percent higher than in 2015.

The current rent cap in Sweden has led to a drastic increase in the number of foreclosures in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

A number of other Swedish cities have also passed rent caps in recent months, and the country has become a hotbed of anti-immigration protests in recent years.

The rise of anti–immigration sentiment in Sweden was particularly strong in 2015, when more than 5,000 refugees fled to Sweden from the Middle East.

The increase in anti-immigrant sentiment and the Swedish immigration law have resulted in an increase in home forecloses in Stockholm, as well as a rise in property sales.

The city’s median price in August rose 2.3 percent to 8,000 kronors, which is more or less equivalent to the price of a single-family home.