Rent: a list of the top 30 cities in the world with the most affordable houses

New Scientist has just published its annual list of “The Top 30 cities with the Most Affordable Houses” and it’s an interesting look at where Tokyo’s affordability comes from.

It reveals that, among the top 20 most affordable cities in Japan, Tokyo has the most expensive houses on offer, at about $9,700 a month, just behind Hong Kong and above the $8,500 range for New York City.

The most expensive place to live in Japan is Osaka, where a $7,800 a month apartment costs just over $3,000 a month.

If you want to get away from it all and buy a house, you can buy your way through Osaka or Tokyo, and while it might be cheaper to buy a cheaper apartment, you might not be able to afford to pay for the house itself.