How to rent a house in Thailand from the cheapest country in the world

If you’re looking to rent in Thailand, it may not be easy to find the cheapest place to live.

For instance, many landlords charge a 10% deposit on top of the rent.

This could cost you thousands of baht ($12,500) and a long wait for a house.

But here’s a tip for those who are desperate to find a place to rent: check the rent on a map.

Here are the best and cheapest places in Thailand to rent, with prices according to a real estate agency.1.

Rangoon, Ratchaprasong (Rangoon)Rangona Park is a popular destination in Bangkok’s Ratchasawalk district.

It has a large park, a museum, a playground and a cafe, as well as a wide variety of restaurants.2.

Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai (Chiang Rai)The capital of Thailand’s southern province of Chiangrai is located in the north of the country, just across the border from Vietnam.

The area has a mix of different cultures, including Buddhism, Taoism and traditional Thai.

The town is very cosmopolitan, with cafes, restaurants, art galleries and a vibrant nightlife scene.

It’s also famous for its famous food.

The Chiangai Restaurant in Chiangroi has a popular menu with local dishes, including lamb curry and duck with garlic sauce.3.

Phuket, Phuketsia (Phuket)It’s also in the southern part of Thailand, and there are lots of tourist attractions, including the Phukkit Bridge, the Phrae River, the famous temples and the Chiangmai Waterfall.

The Phuktuk National Park is popular with tourists, and is home to many wildlife species, including endangered crocodiles.4.

Koh Samui, Koh Samut (Koh Samui)Located in the south-east of Koh Samuk, Koh Shing (meaning “sun”) is the main city of Koh Siang province, and has the most beautiful scenery in Koh Samu Islands.

The Koh Siam Tourist Board also has a good guide to Koh Singsia.5.

Pattaya, Pattaya (Pattaya)Pattayats are the traditional inhabitants of Pattaya Island.

They live in the coastal regions of the island, and are the largest group of ethnic groups on the island.

They are mainly from the Borneo-Malaysia-Vietnam area.

The island’s beaches are the most popular, with an abundance of water sports, including surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling.6.

Pattani, Pattani (Patti)The oldest island in the Southern Hemisphere, Patti is the capital of the South Indian state of Kerala.

The city is a mix the traditional Thai, Chinese, Indian and European architecture.7.

Kota Kinabalu, Kota Throng (Kota Kinabalanu)Kota Kaitang, the capital city of the Indian state and the largest island of the Kota, is famous for having a huge number of attractions.

The islands most popular attractions include the Katchadamneri, a popular tourist destination, as the home of the famous Bollywood dance hall.8.

Nong Khai, Nong Keo (Nong Keosan)Located near the southern coast of Thailand and Laos, Nog Keos, the home to Nong Khao Pham, is a cosmopolitan city that is the heart of the tourist industry.

It is home the most famous Thai-Indian temple, and one of the world’s most popular Buddhist temples.9.

Hua Hin, Hua Hin (Hua Hin)Hua Hui is the most cosmopolitan of the seven islands of Nong Hwa.

The capital is a combination of the Chinese, Thai and American architecture.10.

Nai Phan, Nai Yen (Nai Yen)Located between Laos and Cambodia, Nue Phan is the largest city in the country.

It was founded in the 14th century, and was the center of Buddhism in Cambodia before the Portuguese arrived.11.

Chulalongkorn, Chulungkorn (Chulalongkhorn)Chullongkorn is one of South East Asia’s oldest cities, and the capital for the province of North Hanoi.

It dates back to the 12th century and is known for its vast Buddhist temples, and cultural attractions.12.

Koh Kong, Koh Phangan (Kang Kong)Koh Kong is the city of Thailand.

It covers a distance of 2,400km (1,900 miles), from the capital, Bangkok, to the island of Koh Kong.

Koh Koong, Koh Kong’s main attraction, is the Koh Phan Tower, the tallest structure in the region.13.

Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phi Phangan, Koh Thaing (