How to live in a house with 4 bedrooms

4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 4 bathrooms are all the most popular options in the Bay Area.

But there are many other choices, too, which you can try out to see if they’ll be right for you.

Here are some of the options we explored: 1.

5-bedroom apartment with 2 baths, one bedroom, and one bathroom.

This is a typical 5-story apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area, with 1.5 baths.

It costs $2,700 per month for a 3-bedroom and 5-bath unit, and it’s available for $2.2 million per month in the Mission.

The condo is in San Francisco’s Mission District, which is a more diverse area with a variety of demographics.

It is about 2 miles from San Francisco International Airport and about 3 miles from downtown San Francisco.

The median home price in San Jose is $1,744,000.

The listing on calls it a “modest two-bedroom with one bathroom.”

For more information, visit the Bayview Condos website.


1,500-square-foot duplex.

This 1,400-square foot apartment is available for rent in San Rafael.

It includes a 2,400 square foot kitchen and bathrooms, a 1,100 square foot living room with a fireplace, and a large backyard with views of the bay.

It cost $2 million for a 1-bedroom unit.

The price was $1.8 million per year, according to the listing.

The unit is in the Redwood City area and a block away from the Mission Bay neighborhood, which has a high concentration of renters.

The Mission is about 3.5 miles from the San Mateo County Fairgrounds.

The area has about 40,000 people.

For more info, visit


4-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 1-bath house.

This one-bedroom home in the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Santa Cruz is located about 1.6 miles from SFGate.

The 4-bath, 3 bedroom home is available on Craigslist for $1 million.

It has a 1.4-bath basement, and the price was about $1-million per year.

The property has a pool, gym, and private bath.

The home has a backyard with a views of Santa Clara Bay.

For an even more exclusive listing, check out this listing from for a $5 million apartment in San Matee County.


3-story, 1,700-square yard duplex in Oakland.

This 2-story duplex is located in Oakland’s Oakland neighborhood and about 1 mile from the city center.

It also has a gym and pool, a gym with a shower, and 1,600 square feet of living room space with a view of the San Jose skyline.

The 2,500 square foot unit costs $3,500 per month, which includes utilities, a 3,000 square foot deck with a patio, and an outdoor kitchen.

The owner is a single woman who lives in the unit.

For details on this one-story home, visit Oakland Homes.


1-story one-bath apartment in Oakland with an outdoor patio.

This unit in the Oakland neighborhood of Auburn Hills has an outdoor terrace, a living room, and several bedrooms.

It can accommodate up to three people, and has an entrance fee of $2 per person per night.

The one- bedroom unit costs about $3.1 million per season.

The other units cost $3 million a year.

For information, check this listing out on, or read our article on the best cities for single-family homes in the United States.


1 bedroom, 1 bath, and 3-car garage in Seattle.

This building is located on the Westside of Seattle near Lake Union, and is about 1/2 mile from downtown.

It was listed for $3-million for a one- and two-bath units, and $2-million and $1 for three- and four-bedroom units.

The owners are single men, and their units are for rent.

They also have a pool and gym, which also include a pool deck.

The units come with a separate entrance fee, and for an additional fee of about $500 per year they can also have electric and water meters installed.

For a more exclusive price, check with the building’s owner.


1 bathroom, 1 walk-in shower in Portland, OR.

This 3-level apartment in Portland’s Downtown neighborhood includes a 1 bathroom with a walk- in shower, an 8-foot walk–in bathtub, a walk in closet, and other amenities.

The $1 per month price tag is for one unit, which comes with a 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms, and includes utilities and a walk out shower.

The location is about one-quarter mile from a park that features the city’s only walk