House malta: Is it too much to ask to get a house rent?

It’s been a while since we checked in on House Malta, but now the owners are back in the news again.

A recent report from a local newspaper, reports that the Malta brothers have moved into a property in the Maltese capital, where they will be leasing the property out to the tenants for a few years.

The Maltas are also reportedly paying a monthly rent of around €100 ($115).

A spokesman for Malta said that the rent is a “reasonable price” for the place, and that it is “the right choice” for a “new family”.

The family is also reportedly looking to buy the property, and are hoping to get the building ready for their first-ever sale in the near future.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Malta’s brother, Peter, said that he is looking forward to the move: “I’m looking forward [to] living in the new house.”

The Malta family is not the only family moving into the house.

Last year, a group of five people bought the former Marconi building in Rome for €30 million ($37 million), and are looking to build a new home there, too.

The building, which was designed by the renowned Italian architect, is currently used as an art gallery.

The group is currently renting the space for three years, with the goal of eventually opening it up to private renters.